Ursus Magana 


Born Daniel Ursus Magana,

Ursus is a filmmaker/ photographer from Los Angeles CA

At the age of 14, Ursus picked up a guitar and dedicated his high school years to performing for multiple bands and music ensembles. His love for music and the desire to further his career made him realize that he needed to learn how to create music videos to help his bands and the artists around him. As he witnessed the Youtube era take over the music industry, he began studying cinematography in Pasadena College. Filmmaking became his new passion, and it encouraged him to take his photography skills to the next level. 

In his first college semester he became a video editing intern for Slickforce Studio Los Angeles in 2011. He quickly became a close pupil of Nick Saglimbeni. Ursus is now the full time Lead editor and Cinematographer at Slickforce Studio Los Angeles, and is an independent freelance visual artist.

Intuition and life experiences are a big motivation for his work. He uses visual mediums to celebrate the things he loves and explore the things he doesn't know. 




 contact: ursusmagana@gmail.com

contact: ursusmagana@gmail.com